Matthew Gilly

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Matthew Gilly has always been intrigued by technology and knows that along with its ability to make things easier, it can also make things complicated.  Therefore, Matthew works to understand how something works so he can use tools to help automate tasks and, in turn, increase efficiency.

In his role at Keystone, Matthew works to create a high standard of expectations so he and his team can operate smoothly in the most productive manner. He knows that an efficient team is crucial to ensuring that the clients can do their work more efficiently.  When these systems are working in tandem, both the client and Keystone are working better. At Keystone, Matthew thrives on the company’s encouragement of progress, rewarding atmosphere of work ethic and integrity and focus on doing the best job possible for its clients.

Prior to joining Keystone, he worked at an international banking equipment and ATM company where he handled internal support for tens of thousands of employees worldwide.  Matthew is certified in Disaster Recovery from FEMA and has two degrees in IT which include Cyber Security and Digital Forensic Analysis and Homeland Security Information Technology.

When he is not servicing clients or working on technology, Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife.  Together they frequent the movies and zoos.  He is a self proclaimed “Star Wars nerd” as well as an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan. His interest in football spans back to his school days where he played defensive tackle in high school where he was elected all state his senior year.  To this day, he enjoys weight training and, on the opposite spectrum, he’s honing his green thumb and learning gardening skills which is a nice complement to his interest in cooking.

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