Stephen Nigriny

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Stephen is a well-rounded and easy-going IT professional with a deep passion for technology and a knack for understanding and accepting people for who they are. His journey in IT began at a young age, troubleshooting issues on Windows 95 computers and gaining firsthand experience with viruses. He furthered his studies in Computer Science and Forensics during high school and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Akron, specializing in CCNP level networking and minoring in Business Management Technology.

With a background in Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Stephen brings extensive experience to his current role at Keystone. He excels in providing comprehensive IT support and ensures a smooth transition for clients with his expertise.

Beyond technical skills, Stephen’s ability to connect with people and make them feel heard stands out. He fosters an inclusive and supportive environment, building strong relationships with clients and colleagues. His easy-going nature creates a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

Outside of work, Stephen enjoys a balanced lifestyle, pursuing outdoor activities, photography, and quality time with loved ones. He values diverse experiences and maintains a healthy work-life balance.