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Don’t Let “Good Enough” Technology Turn Into the Great Time Waster

down-and-depressedPerusing my industry news sources this morning, I came across one of those – “finally” stories that caught my attention. You know the type of story… finally in the news today, John Smith is really a woman.

Only this time, it was in defense of Facebook. The story details what are perceived to be the biggest time wasters in the workplace. Knowledge workers surveyed by Amplitude Research citing their “biggest time waster,” yielded the top 3 blows to productivity:

  • Chatting with co-workers: 14%
  • Dealing with computer or software problems: 11%
  • Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts: 5%

Let’s get beyond whether “chatting” increases morale and employee retention (because I think it does) and the fact that there have been multiple studies that show the productivity of employees allowed to visit Facebook and Tweet is actually higher than in the environments where it is forbidden.

What I find most interesting is how much computer problems, still, in 2012 are slowing down productivity. I know the promise of flying cars has never come to be, but shouldn’t we be at a time and place that technology is an enabler and helps us be more productive, not less?

The answer to that is – it depends on how you’re managing your technology. Are you taking short cuts that only results in eventual downtime and scrambling? Who is supporting your technology and do they have the availability to quickly get you back up and online – or keep you from going offline in the first place?

Keystone specializes in making technology work for you – we take care of all of your needs, ensure your environment runs smoothly, and create a platform that begets maximum productivity. If you’d like to learn more about how Keystone an help technology INCREASE you and your staff’s productivity, I’d encourage you to drop me a note – I promise, it won’t be a waste of your time!

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