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Sharing a Thought About Sharing

My favorite daily marketing e-newsletter… the eMarketer Daily recently (full disclosure, eMarketer as a client does not hurt their “favorite”status) published findings that reveal just how important it is to include social media plugins on your news and blog items.

A little more than half of websites are using a share button (see the bottom of this blog for an example), up only slightly from 2010.


So who cares, no one uses those Facebook, Twitter, Google+ buttons anyways… right? Wrong.

eMarketer reports that a study analyzing more than 4 million tweets, noting how often a site with a tweet button was mentioned on Twitter. On average, a website without a Twitter share button was mentioned four times, while a site with a tweet button was mentioned 27 times. Including a Twitter plugin button increased mentions on Twitter almost sevenfold.


So make sure you put the “share” button on your blog for increased traffic! Don’t have a blog? Drop me an email and let’s talk about how blogs are the most effective, affordable method for Search Engine Optimization available.

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