Organizational Resilience

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How to Support a Hybrid Workforce as Attack Surfaces Expand

Resilience remains a trending topic among organizations and individuals. The past 18 months
have brought about an abundance of change. Organizations and individuals that can find
meaningful ways to practice resilience in the face of change, from remote and hybrid working
to digital acceleration, are at a significant advantage.

Remember, change for the sake of it is never a good idea. What we’re discussing here is
strategic and necessary to enable continued success. Think digital transformation, remote
working technologies, etc. After all, being at the forefront of new technology and techniques
can not only take companies forward but also give them a competitive advantage.

Resilient organizations are receptive to change rather than being rigid in their stance. They
know the competition is fierce and it doesn’t take much to be displaced. You can’t count on last
year’s strategy to deliver effective results in tomorrow’s ecosystem.

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