Our Culture

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Our Culture

We are a unique team of technology experts. People are the center of all that we do.

The overall mission of Keystone is to use technology to help people. We seek to do that both with our clients and with each of our team members. There are three ways that we focus on this. First, we really want to help people. For our customers, that means that we go above and beyond to manage technology platforms that just work- so that they can meet their goals. For our team, we recognize their family, personal, and professional goals and seek to always find that perfect balance to help them be successful in each.  Second, we are consumed with technology. We live and breathe it. Our team is always exploring new technology and testing it to see how it can assist our clients with their business. Third, we have a passion for fun.  We consider it important that not only our team has fun, but that our clients enjoy interacting with us as well. We seek team members that embody these three goals also.

We believe that collaboration is one of the keys to success. Our work areas are specifically designed for our teams to work together to resolve issues and to grow both personally and professionally. We prefer to speak live with our clients when they are in need of assistance.

Creating Closer Relationships

At Keystone, we try to sponsor events that bring our client base together to not only have fun, but to meet each other and network to help grow their business. We also have certain days set aside for our team to be educated on new products and spend some time together team building and, yes, have fun.

Many on our team have successfully progressed through different roles and have been here many years. In fact, our very first client is still a client!

We think that says a lot about our culture.