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About Us

About the Keystone Technology Team
Keystone Technology Consultants

We hold IT together.

Our story starts with a keystone, which is the stone at the center of an archway that holds the structure together. This critical piece of infrastructure locks the strength of the foundation and keeps it from falling down.

We are Keystone Technology Consultants because we provide the technology that locks in the foundation of your business.

Our team of experts ensures that your IT systems are strong and secure so you can maintain business continuity.

Building Partnerships For Successful IT

We take our relationships to heart.

At Keystone, our mission is “to make a difference for people.” This mission has allowed us to build strong partnerships over the last 25+ years as a company and become the leading MSP in Northeast Ohio.

Since we’ve been around for a while, you can trust us to provide the safe and reliable IT solutions that your business needs. Every client gets a dedicated team – you can call us anytime. And we keep it local, so we’re always responsive.

Our team isn’t only technology experts, but also really enjoys getting to know you and your business. And we mean that.

Cybersecurity Solutions

We’re real people with real experience.

As a team, we have 225 years of collective experience. You can trust us to handle your IT so you can get back to business.

Years as a Company
Years Average Employee Tenure
Years of Experience on our Team

These values are an extension of who we are.


We love to help people as much as we love technology. We’re a team that takes care of each other so that we can better serve our clients.


We’re creative in our solutions and responses to problems, so the fun is in the work, not at its expense.


You can count on us to be accountable to our word. That’s in our team mentality, as well as client partnerships. We’re a reliable bunch.


We strive to be the best we can be for our team, for our clients and for ourselves. We view every challenge as an opportunity to develop.

Our History


Keystone Technology Consultants Was Founded

Keystone President Greg Cordray founded Keystone Technology Consultants when he was in college selling PCs to The Ohio State University College of Engineering. He founded Keystone on the principle that, through strong relationships, we can make a positive impact by providing safe, secure and reliable IT solutions for our clients – so they can focus on running their businesses.


Selected by Microsoft

We trained thousands of students on Microsoft products and were selected by Microsoft to help train their engineers in rolling out Windows 2000.


Keystone Evolved

We evolved from an IT training provider to an IT consulting provider.

the Keystone Technology team

A New Partner

After six years at Keystone, Brian Fontanella became a partner in the firm.


Way Ahead of Our Time

We created our first recurring monthly relationship with a client, which became the MSP industry as we know it today.


New Office

We purchased and moved into our current office at 787 Wye Road in Akron, Ohio.

celebrating Keystones 25th anniversary of being an MSP leader

Pandemic Preparedness

We went remote and also helped all of our clients go remote during the early stages of a global pandemic.


New Business Management System

We became an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) company to empower our team to reach their business goals and improve the lives of every individual the business affects.


Leadership Team

Keystone leaders fully rolled out EOS and implemented a team approach to managing the company.


A Celebration

We celebrated our 25th anniversary of being an MSP leader.

Let's chat about IT.

Together, we’ll discover the tailored services that address your business’s needs.

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