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Enhance Your Team

enhance your IT team
IT Team Management

We'll work well together.

Partnering with the leading MSP in Northeast Ohio is an efficient way to round out your in-house tech team.

We can become a natural extension of your team, flexing to your business’s demands. For some companies, it doesn’t make sense to have a full team – we can fill in whatever gaps you have, and we’re really good at staying in our lane.

We have a proven process
to help you pick your lane.

Our unique “checkerboard” process allows us to identify the roles required to handle your business’s IT needs and who should handle what.


Your business’s needs are our #1 priority. We focus on identifying the skills that align to those needs.


You need a variety of skills no matter the size of your company. Don’t settle for a jack of all trades. Get a master and scale.


Each person or team should play to their strengths. This leads to fewer issues, faster resolutions and less impact to the business.


This process reviews internal and external resources, business differentiators and ultimately aligns and assigns roles and responsibilities.

The Benefits of Co-Managing

Defined Roles

Everyone gets a role that plays into their strengths and passions.

Business Continuity

Full coverage allows for no interruptions in business if something happens.


We can take on more or less depending on the needs of your business. Our goal is to support your existing infrastructure.

Working Together

We take on the insights and experience of the entire team before solving problems. We also like making new friends.

Efficiency & Projects

We know your industry and your network, so we can eliminate the learning curve when needed.

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Let's chat about IT.

Together, we’ll discover the tailored services that address your business’s needs.

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