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Virtual CIO

Virtual Chief Information Office CIO Services

We’ll become your technology strategy partner with C-suite-level expertise.

If you need an experienced IT leader to support a strategic initiative critical to your business, Keystone has you covered with our top talent.

We start by getting to know the needs and goals of your leadership team before considering a solution. Whether it’s giving your business technology direction or planning a physical move, we have a variety of professionals to help with custom solutions.

As your virtual CIO partner, we’ll deliver business solutions that leverage technology and include:

  • Consulting
  • Strategy
  • Policies & procedures
  • Application selection (ERP and CRM)
  • Project management

Industry Buzzwords

Breaking down the language of IT.

An Outsourced Chief Information Officer (OCIO) provides external, expert IT leadership and management services to organizations on a contractual basis.

A Fractional CIO is a professional who provides executive-level technology leadership to organizations on a part-time or contract basis, allowing access to expertise without the cost of a full-time position.

A person who provides consultation for your technology strategy as a third party, as opposed to an in-house CIO.

An On-demand CIO is a professional who offers executive-level technology guidance and services to organizations as needed, rather than on a consistent, full-time basis.

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