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Disaster Recovery & Backup

it disaster recovery and it backup solutions

We’ll be proactive about your security.

If your company has data, you need data backups.

We offer disaster recovery and backup as a proactive strategy to help you avoid the loss of critical data. If an unforeseen disaster occurs, we quickly jump in to get you back up and running with as little downtime as possible.

Our disaster recovery and backup solutions protect your data against:

  • Power service disruptions and blackouts
  • Cyberattacks, malware and ransomware
  • Theft, vandalism and corporate espionage
  • Fires, explosions and sprinkler malfunctions

Here's why your data's safe with us.

Risk Assessment

It all starts here – we’ll gain a full understanding of your business and your IT needs and goals before making recommendations.

Backup & Recovery

Your backups are hosted in a highly secure and reliable data center. You’re always protected and recovery is quick.


We backup our backups in a local, reliable datacenter. You’re safe and protected over and over again.

Formal Plan Creation

Our experts create a plan that guarantees your business’s data remains safe and secure.

Level 3 Data Center

We provide redundancy to ensure continuous system availability and data loss prevention. Even if one part of your infrastructure fails, we stay strong.

Always-Available IT Experts

Our staff is on-call around the clock 365 days a year because disasters can happen at any time.

Continuously Upgraded Equipment

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) allows our clients to lease server equipment giving you the most up to date equipment without the headache of purchasing, setting up and maintaining them.

4 Auto-Cutover Diesel Generators

In the event of a power outage or electrical disruption, backup generators act as a crucial failsafe mechanism and automatically activate to ensure data integrity and system availability during unexpected power failures.

Industry Buzzwords

Breaking down the language of IT.

A formal document created by an organization that details how to respond to unplanned incidents like power outages, cyber-attacks and any other disruptive events.

Creating a strategy and set of documented procedures that an organization uses to ensure its critical business functions and operations can continue or be rapidly restored in the event of a disruptive incident.

Data archiving is when an organization identifies data that is no longer active and moves it out of production systems into long-term storage systems.

Data replication is the process of taking important data and copying it to multiple locations using software or an application.

Offsite storage refers to data storage that is physically located away from your organization’s office.

Redundancy is the process of creating a system that duplicates important networking components or data so there is a backup in the event that an organization experiences system failures.

Data protection is the process of protecting essential data from corruption, loss, or compromise by creating a means to restore data if something renders it inaccessible or unusable.

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