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The Cloud

cloud based IT services

We deliver solutions for workforce flexibility.

Accommodating a work/life balance is becoming a priority. It already is for us. As the leading MSP in Northeast Ohio, Keystone will develop a cloud-based IT infrastructure to fit your business needs whether you need to be fully remote or hybrid.

With the cloud, you can access your files and information on any device with internet access. Start working on a project at home and pick up where you left off at the office. Our cloud-based solutions are scalable to fit your company now and as it grows.

We offer the following as part of our cloud-based solutions:

  • Remote access
  • Level 3 data center
  • Hosted server
  • Hosted applications
  • Virtual machines
  • Complete mobility
  • Firewall
  • Redundancy

Industry Buzzwords

IT services that are on the internet, as opposed to those that are onsite.

The components needed for cloud computing.

Cloud services offer computing resources, storage and applications over the internet, eliminating the need for local hardware and software management.

Azure is the branded name for Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.

A means of storing data and files on the internet, as opposed to local or onsite storage.

Online infrastructure and services that enable users to build, deploy and manage applications and data without the complexity of owning and maintaining physical servers.

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