Brian Fontanella

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Brian’s professional career in the information technology industry began sixteen years ago when he attended Ohio State and Cleveland State University, studying Computer Science Engineering. He continued on his quest for knowledge by quickly gaining multiple technical certifications from Microsoft, where he now holds a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification and is also a Microsoft Certified Technical Instructor. With his passion for technology, Brian also became an expert in the IT field with emphasis in systems administration, virtualization, security, network administration and implementation, database design and support, and integration of custom and standard systems.

Partnering with Keystone in 1998, Brian set out to take technology and apply it to business with the goal of making each company more efficient, help them overcome their obstacles, save costs, and make each business more competitive. Brian has developed a keen eye for how businesses get bloated with inefficiencies and how these inefficiencies can be retooled for a sleeker, cost-saving, strategically focused organization. Working side-by-side with our clients designing and implementing IT infrastructure, Brian has made a positive impact in these key areas helping over one hundred businesses achieve their goals. In a tough market, his vast array of expertise and leadership qualities has guided Keystone to a period of growth, increasing our size more than three-fold.