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Office 365 Capabilities for Small Business

Microsoft Office 365 provides many important capabilities to small businesses. Keystone has successfully implemented this for most of our clients and now has thousands of users who have email, online file storage, Skype for business and other capabilities as a result. There are many questions that arise when businesses are considering this option and we wanted to share with you some things that you should know when evaluating this.

We have prepared an online PowerPoint presented as a video (using Office Mix) which you can watch or download; this will provide you with the most complete information about office 365 and its capabilities for small business. You can watch it above or by following this link: Office 365 Capabilities for Small Business

We will recap a few of the top items here.

Recap of Office 365 Capabilities for Small Business

  • Office 365 addresses many important business issues. Among these are the necessity to access data from anywhere at any time using almost any device, the ability to collaborate among team members on the same document, the ability to manage costs, and improve security and reliability. There are many more but these are key for most businesses today.
  • Office 365 is an ecosystem that includes various client tools like Microsoft office and web applications in browsers, and server-based systems such as Exchange email and SharePoint. These can be mixed and matched across your environment to effectively provide seamless access in a way the user can most benefit by it.
  • The same document can be edited across multiple platforms, in fact our PowerPoint video was created on an Apple Macintosh, edited on an iPad, and finalized and mixed on a Windows PC.
    Users can work together real time so that they see each other’s changes as they are communicating about them even though they are in separate locations.
  • There are multiple subscription levels and we explain each of these to help you understand how you can mix and match them for the most cost-effective investment.
  • A discussion of the off-line capabilities which allows you to take your files with you and then synchronize at a later point.
  • A list of reasons you may want to use office 365, and a list of why you may not.

Office 365 is a large, and sometimes complex set of tools. We believe this information will help you understand it better, but are always ready and willing to meet with you and discuss these items as they are specifically relevant to you.

Contact Gene Whaley at to see if you can benefit from Office 365.

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