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Keystone’s Turn Key Solution Enables Growth Company to Expand Seamlessly

Business Challenge

For more than 80 years, Agland Co-op (now Heritage Cooperative) has
helped agricultural producers and business owners in this community maximize their
opportunities and achieve their goals. Agland works directly with producers of
agriculture and energy commodities to deliver their products to the market and
maximize their profitability.

Over the past five years, Agland has experienced 65% growth. This has been through
mergers and acquisitions. Much of this growth has added new sites and expanded
their market footprint throughout Ohio. And, many of these sites are in small and
rural areas to be closer to their customer

The CFO has been responsible for all the company’s technology. Timing and access
to real time data is critical to the company’s success. He required a solution that was
repeatable, but considered the different and sometimes limited access to technology
in these rural areas. In addition, the users needed assistance and data security was a
major concern.


Agland partnered with Keystone to become their IT team and manage all their
technology needs, including infrastructure, user support, phones, wireless, malware
and antivirus, application selection and license management, desktop replacement,
email, and strategic direction. Keystone provided alternatives to traditional internet
access and a project team to plan and implement successful transitions for acquired


Keystone’s management solution provided certified experts in each area of
technology, designing a technology platform and roadmap that was specific to
Agland. The platform required a robust security plan with applications that provide
remote access. As a result, technology became an enabler for growth instead of a

We didn’t have the platform and skillset to move forward with our growth strategy. That is why we chose Keystone. We achieved that. We are set up to do that- and are doing that now!

Ron Angelilli, CMA, CPC
Chief Operating Officer

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