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Meet the New Team Members at Keystone

Keystone has seen a lot of growth lately – with new clients, capabilities, and services! We are fortunate to have added some awesome new people to help our growing client base. These new team members are part of the user support desk, so our clients have a great chance to hear or see them in action.

We want to welcome the following new teammates!

Beth Humbel

Beth is our new dispatcher, so when you call or email in, she is usually the first beth-humbelperson to look at your needs, and she does it as soon as possible – within a few minutes! Beth enjoys working with customers and finding products or solutions which work best for their needs. To her, it is rewarding to have someone she has worked with be happy with the service they have received. She loves doing that at Keystone, because as a technology company, things are always changing and that keeps her interest. She said the energy level everybody brings at Keystone is great, and she enjoys the collaboration each team member brings to the table to solve complex issues. There is never a day where she does not learn something new, and have something to share with her friends and family.

In her role as dispatcher, Beth enjoys talking with our customers and being a part of a team which helps provide solutions. Beth is a strategic person and likes the challenges this position gives her.
When Beth is not taking care of clients at Keystone, she enjoys golfing, painting and riding bikes. And when not doing those, you can find her having dinner with my friends and family.

Jason Schmidt

Jason was always the “tech guy” at past jobs, so he focused his career in it. Partjason-schmidt
of his journey in this includes getting a Bachelor’s degree in technology from Kent State University.

Jason love technology because it meets his constant goal of learning. He tries to keep up on the new and exciting things that seem to come out weekly in the world of technology. To him, doing system setups is a lot like figuring out a puzzle. In his short time at Keystone, Jason said he enjoys the people, and feels like they are now a second family (and you are a part of the family Jason!)

When he is not building new systems, and helping users, he said he spends his time “doing what my kids want to do”.

Cory Lazenko

Cory is almost an old timer in this group of new employees. He joined us in cory-lazenkoAugust, 2016 as a level 1 Support Team engineer, and has been doing a great job ever since!

Cory has his associates degree in Computer Science and has plans to get Microsoft Certification within the next year.

He loves technology for so many reasons! The simple fact that the right group of people can get together and literally change the world from their desk, is a very enticing thought. Enough to keep him hungry for whatever he can feed his brain with. He said he does what he does because “the world is built on computers and not everyone is as lucky as I am to have a background in them, and those people need help in the right direction or the world as a whole is doomed unless people like us stand up to help.” He said he loves working at Keystone, the atmosphere and the people make it fun to come in and hard to leave.

When not at Keystone, Cory loves to spend time with his five-year-old daughter, and his new wife, Jessica (Congratulations!). And when he finds more time, he likes to play his guitar and write music.

Zach Richardson

zach-richardsonZach joined in October, 2016 as level 1 Support Team engineer. His IT career
includes Network Administration and Security; he has certifications in Cisco CCNA 200-120, and CompTIA Network Plus. This lines up with his main interests of Networking, Security, and Virtualization. Prior to joining Keystone, Zach was at Walsh University as a security specialist. He said he “loves working with technology and helping people, and that technology never ends with information and helping people always make me happy!”

Zach has a second job operating the audio-visual equipment Quicken Loans Arena, including the Cavs games.

In Zach’s short time at Keystone, he has been enjoying the people and the environment. And because he prioritizes school and learning, he wants to continue to grow here!

Nathan Satola

Nathan also joined us in October as a level 1 Support Team Engineer. He was nathan-satolapreviously a remote support technician for Diebold, and was a field technician for TWC prior to that. He has a Network Systems Administration degree. He likes the field, because it allows him work with different software, and build hardware.

Nathan also said he likes being in a help desk position because he enjoys helping people accomplish their goals with his skill set they may not have the ability or knowledge to help themselves.

He appreciates Keystone, because “the team is always eager to help and really know their stuff.”

In his spare time, Nathan likes to cook, and attend cub scouts’ meetings with his son.