Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? “The cloud” is not a single place, but a global network of servers connected together to act as a single entity. The servers are designed to store and manage data, or run applications such as email or office productivity software. Users access files and data via a web browser or dedicated app instead of from a local drive or personal computer.

Keystone Technology Consultants can provide your Northeast Ohio organization cloud computing services that fit your needs.

Why should businesses consider a cloud-based IT infrastructure?

The main advantage of the cloud is that you can access your files and information on any device with an Internet connection. A cloud-based infrastructure allows your employees to work on a home computer and pick up where they left off when they get to the office. Team members can also collaborate and make changes and edits on the same document from anywhere.

A cloud-based infrastructure can grow as your business grows and can easily be customized for the unique needs of your company, and in the event of a disaster or critical business interruption at your physical location, your business can still access important files and programs because they are in the cloud.

Benefits of using a cloud-based infrastructure:

  • It is completely scalable to fit your company right now and as it grows
  • Less on-site tech infrastructure is needed, meaning less maintenance and cost
  • More software is designed and developed with the cloud in mind

Keystone can offer onsite servers, a complete hosted environment, and a hybrid that employs the best of both systems.  This can include Office 365, remote access, hosted servers and applications, and virtual machines.

We will also assist you in selecting and procuring the right data line for your cloud computing needs.

Keystone offers:

  • Remote Access
  • Level 3 Data Center
  • Hosted Servers
  • Hosted Applications
  • Virtual Machines
  • Complete Mobility
  • Firewall
  • Redundancy

With Keystone helping manage parts of your business in the cloud, you can concentrate on running your business on the ground.