Communication Technology

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Communication Technology

The modern workplace is evolving.

Work teams are less likely to be located at a central location. More companies are offering work from home options. And more people are working when and where they are most productive, including evenings and weekends, and from coffee shops, parks and their own backyard. This makes communication and collaboration a challenge for companies and their information technology teams.

Trying to connect a more mobile and geographically dispersed workforce with communications and networking technology that wasn’t designed for such an arrangement can consume your valuable IT resources and slow down productivity and impair teamwork.

Keystone Technology Consultants can help your organization adapt to the modern realities of the workplace with communication technology that supports your employees and your business.

Forward-thinking companies are increasingly choosing to free themselves of traditional communication technologies and deploy next-generation voice, data and network technologies that allow them to support a more mobile workplace. Working with an experienced IT partner like Keystone Technology Consultants allows you to focus on growing your business and not worry about the researching, choosing and deploying the technology.

We know you need to communicate and we will take the time to learn about your business, your team, your resources, and your goals. Then we’ll find the best system for your business. We don’t get paid to “sell” specific solutions and we have a robust partner network that offers you options, competition, and service. We’ll represent your interests throughout the selection and implementation process and make sure your needs are fully satisfied.

Communication technology that Keystone Technology Consultants can provide:

  • VoIP Phone Systems. Keystone can free your business from traditional local and long-distance providers and provide scalable phone systems that can supports your entire organization regardless of where your people are located.
  • Wireless Networks. We can transform your wired network into a wireless one, allowing your employees to work from anywhere within your facility. This frees you from having desks and workstations near a network jack, allowing for a physical arrangement that best suits how your team works.
  • Barcode and Hand Scanners. Keystone can help your organization find and select barcode scanning hardware and software to help your company manage assets, inventory and finished products.
  • Video Conferencing. We’ll help improve staff communication and collaboration with integrated video conferencing capabilities which allows you to conduct secure and reliable meetings in real-time.
  • Email and Voicemail. Keystone can help you improve your team’s collaboration by integrating email and voicemail communications tools.
  • Instant Messaging. Chat programs can allow your team to communicate spontaneously through secure chat windows, with the capability to save chat transcripts for future reference.

 You need to communicate. We’ll help provide the tools.