Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services

Every business depends on technology.

From one-person operations to Fortune 500 corporations, business technology helps businesses communicate, manage processes, keep in touch with customers, sell online, keep their data secure, and keep the business moving forward. Information technology has become so critical that it has become a utility, like electric or water, and when it’s not available, it’s a huge inconvenience.

Using managed IT services (outsourcing certain IT functions) can improve your company’s operations and cut its expenses, and is an ideal way to stay up-to-date on technology and have access to IT skills beyond an in-house tech team.

With a managed IT services relationship, the client owns or leases the equipment and / or systems being managed, and the managed IT services provider (MSP) delivers the services.

Keystone Technology Consultants can manage your IT resources with around the clock service and support, including cloud services, up-to-date hardware and software, and a stable network infrastructure. Our expert technology professionals work in concert with your company to identify systems and processes that support your goals and business needs. Our expertise allows us to work with companies of all sizes and in all industries, from manufacturing to warehousing to service providers.

Keystone will help you align your IT needs with the right blend of systems, processes, hardware, software as well as our IT skills and resources. We’ll manage any combination of technology, including servers, devices, email services, VoIP systems, wired and wireless networks.

Keystone Technology Consultants can provide your Northeast Ohio business:

  • User Support
  • Security and Monitoring
  • License and Warranty Management
  • 3-Tier Service Desk
  • Office 365 Management
  • Training
  • 24/7 Support

Working with Keystone Technology Consultants is like having your own dedicated IT teams without the expense of having your own dedicated IT team.