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Brian Fontanella

Brian Fontanella

Brian launched his IT career with studies in Computer Science Engineering at Ohio State.

His relentless pursuit of excellence led him to become a distinguished Microsoft Certified Technical Instructor. Esteemed institutions like Microsoft, Ernst & Young, NASA and Progressive have engaged him to impart knowledge to their premier engineers. Having credentials as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer from Windows NT 4.0 up to Windows 2019, he now holds certifications as a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect and Network Engineer.

For the past two decades, he has charted the technological course for the company and its clients. In this span, he has been instrumental in expanding Keystone from its humble beginnings with just 2 employees to a formidable team of nearly 40, establishing it as a frontrunner in the tech industry of northeast Ohio.

Brian’s fervor for technology, combined with his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, enables him to seamlessly bridge the gap between business jargon and tech-speak, ensuring his clients feel at ease and confident about their technological decisions. He is an expert in developing technology solutions for any type of business.

Brian has helped drive a culture of fun at Keystone. This started early on and has grown even stronger and makes Keystone a great company to work for in the highly competitive technology industry.

His core strengths include being an achiever, an avid learner, an inclusive leader, exuding positivity and possessing a competitive edge.

In his leisure moments, he ardently pursues travel, adventure, immortalizing memories with photography and delving into the beauty of national parks. Brian mirrors this zest for life, often partaking in activities alongside his wife, two children and two stepchildren. Whether he’s cheering on his kids at their events or relishing date nights, Brian remains continually active.

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