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Greg Cordray

Greg Cordray

Greg, the founder and president of Keystone Technology Consultants, brings over three decades of experience in navigating the complex landscape of technological needs.

Having completed his degree in Computer and Information Science Engineering from Ohio State University and collaborated with renowned entities such as NASA, Moen, American Greetings and Key Bank, Greg’s journey has been enriched by diverse experiences. However, the most profound lesson he’s learned over the past 15 years is the unparalleled strength of collaboration.

While Greg’s expertise is evident in his ability to strategize and implement solutions, it’s his belief in collective growth that stands out. He recognizes that true impact isn’t an individual’s achievement but a collective endeavor. By uniting with others, valuing their insights and guiding teams, Greg has realized that the path to making a significant difference is paved with collaboration and genuine connections. The ethos of Keystone, under Greg’s leadership, is rooted in this understanding — that true success comes when we prioritize the needs of many over the few.

Outside his leadership role at Keystone, Greg’s passion for community involvement, global warming solutions and Emotional Intelligence underscores his commitment to mutual growth. He believes in the symbiotic relationship between businesses, communities and individuals, emphasizing that a shared vision and collective effort are the keys to sustainable success.

On a personal note, Greg approaches his hobbies with enthusiasm, diving into what his wife fondly terms as “science fair projects.” Whether it’s exploring the intricacies of technology, delving into the realms of artificial intelligence, tinkering with solar battery storage or innovating with automation, Greg’s curiosity knows no bounds. Alongside these pursuits, he cherishes moments of travel and quality time with his wife and their children. Through both his personal hobbies and family moments, Greg embodies his belief: while individual interests spark joy, it’s the shared experiences and collaborative endeavors that forge lasting memories and impacts.

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