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Rochelle Kaiser

Rochelle Kaiser

Throughout her career, Rochelle, a proud Akron native and University of Akron alumna, has been dedicated to assisting clients in leveraging technology to address their business requirements.

With a diverse background in Information Technology, she has held various technical and business development roles.

Rochelle’s strengths lie in strategy, where she excels in developing effective plans to meet business needs. Her contagious positivity creates an uplifting atmosphere in her role as the Director of Client Services at Keystone. With exceptional communication skills, she fosters strong, lasting relationships with clients, who rely on her for trusted advice and guidance. Rochelle’s ability to connect with others is evident through her “woo” trait, making her adept at winning people over. As a relator, she excels in cultivating deep, meaningful connections with clients.

In her personal life, Rochelle is an avid advocate for work-life balance. Her husband and grown sons share this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of finding joy and relaxation in various activities. Rochelle is passionate about pickleball, running, tennis and hiking picturesque trails. She actively participates in community events and has a flair for creating culinary delights, drawing inspiration from her Italian heritage. Embracing the belief that a well-rounded life enhances professional success, Rochelle’s pursuit of fun and fulfillment outside the office adds a vibrant dimension to her overall approach to work and life.

Her mission is to seamlessly integrate technology into the fabric of businesses, not just as a tool but as a catalyst for growth and success. Rochelle is driven by the belief that strategic technology adoption and genuine human connection can elevate businesses to new heights. This mission underscores her commitment as a trusted partner for her clients, guiding them toward innovation and sustainable business practices.

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