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Does Your Business Need Co-Managed IT?

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There are multiple options when it comes to co-managing your IT Department. 

Fully managed IT is when an IT service provider handles everything from monitoring and maintenance to troubleshooting and problem resolution. 

Co-managed IT supplements internal IT, your in-house IT workforce. Your own IT team can focus on more vital projects while a co-managed IT service provider like Keystone Technology Consultants, monitors, maintains, and troubleshoots. 

If you’re unsure what level of IT infrastructure management you should be looking for, here are signs that your organization might benefit from co-managed IT: 

Overworked in-house IT 

Your in-house IT team is extremely important to your business’s day-to-day operations. If your IT staff is continuously overworked and requires help meeting your organization’s demands, co-managed IT services may be right for you. Co-managed IT will free up your in-house IT team to focus on more critical assignments while your IT service provider can handle preventative measures and minimizing risk. 

Disruptions and lengthy downtime 

Downtime, when an IT system is unavailable, offline or not operational, and disruptions can be costly for any business and can cause great stress for your internal IT team. If your organization experiences extended f downtime and interruptions, then your internal IT team may require additional support.An IT service provider can help by monitoring your systems and proactively identifying and addressing issues,saving your business from the adverse effects of extended downtime and disruptions. 

Missed project deadlines 

Your IT department is essential for project completion. If your IT team routinely misses project deadlines, an IT service provider can give resources and solutions to help your staff stay on track, meet important  deadlines and accomplish company objectives. 

Lack of adequate tools and resources 

Your company’s IT systems depend on your IT personnel. Consider co-managed IT if your internal team is underequipped. Your own IT team can be more productive using tools from an IT service provider, creating efficiency and helping your company run smoothly. 

Let us take IT from here.

We know that businesses need a stable and effective IT infrastructure. Fully managed and co-managed IT services help organizations like yours reduce downtime, optimize internal IT processes, and grow. 

Keystone Technology Consultants can help you decide if co-managed IT is best for you. Our staff is committed to equipping your internal IT team with the tools and resources to succeed. 

Contact us to learn more about how co-managed IT can help you get back to what’s important.

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