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Keystone’s Managed Infrastructure Service Enables Manufacturing Executive to Focus on Business Growth

Business Challenge

Akron Dispersions is a family owned manufacturing company located in Akron, OH. For
over 50 years, they have served the polymer, chemical, coating and adhesive industries
with innovative and industry leading dispersions, emulsions, and finely powdered
chemicals specific to the manufacturing needs of their customers. There are only a few
companies worldwide that do what they do.

The national sales manager has been responsible for all the company’s technology.
With their growth, the daily demands of this responsibility are keeping him from his
other role of business development.


Akron Dispersions partnered with Keystone to become their IT team and manage all of
their technology needs, including infrastructure, user support, phones and wireless,
malware and antivirus, application selection and license management, desktop
replacement, email, and strategic direction.


Keystone’s management solution provided certified experts in each area of technology,
designing a technology platform and roadmap that was specific to Akron Dispersions.
The size of their files and the critical nature of their proprietary information required a
robust security plan and new hardware to remain onsite in a cloud hybrid model.

I just could not keep up with the advances and threats in technology. And, the day to day user needs were keeping me from the critical aspects of my main role to grow the company. Keystone has solved those issues for me and our growth is back on track!

Joe Giustino
Sales Manager, Akron Dispersions

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