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Keystone’s Backup & Disaster Recovery Service Enables Delivery Company to Focus on Business Growth and Efficiencies

Business Challenge
Halls Exclusive Courier is a family owned company located in Akron, OH. Since 1988, Vera and David Hall have provided customized and personalized delivery services to many of Akron’s best known brands. What began as two employees and two routes has now grown to almost twenty. Vera can proudly share that she has never once solicited business; their growth has been strictly organic and word of mouth referrals.
The nature of her business requires Vera to frequently produce documentation from completed deliveries. As a result of frequent downtime, hardware failures, and numerous losses of critical stored data, she was forced to keep years of paper files and spend countless hours each week maintaining paper backups to remain compliant. This diverted her focus from critical company initiatives and her role as President.

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