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Keystone’s Private Cloud Provides Fiscal and Data Security Advantages

Business Challenge

In 1985 V&S started in the United States with Columbus Galvanizing. The business grew
in the eighties to 21 companies. In the nineties, the unification of Germany gave the
opportunity to build and acquire six companies in Germany, two in France and one in
Belgium. The U.S. operations have grown to nine companies with 7 galvanizing
locations. In 2008 V&S Galvanizing LLC became part of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, and
looks forward to further growth. Part of that further growth has been the addition of
the V&S Memphis Galvanizing plant in Millington, TN and the new replacement of the
V&S Columbus Galvanizing plant and Corporate offices in Columbus, Ohio.

The mission of the founders, who trusted each other, was “work hard,” save a penny
and serve your customer with quality work and reliability. The CFO, Troy Gaerke, has
been responsible for all the company’s technology. Timing, collaboration, and access to
real time data is critical to the company’s success. Plus, consideration had to be given to
the fact that V&S is a worldwide company. He required a solution that was always on,
internationally secure, and fiscally responsible.


V&S partnered with Keystone to become their IT team and manage all their technology
needs, including infrastructure, user support, phones, wireless, malware and antivirus,
application selection and license management, desktop replacement, email, and
strategic direction. V&S executives had the foresight to be one of early adaptors of
Keystone’s private cloud solution.


Keystone’s management solution provided certified experts in each area of technology,
designing a technology platform and roadmap that was specific to V&S. The platform
provided a 24/7 secure datacenter using high performance hardware with a consistent
cost that was easily budgeted. Thus, technology became an enabler for growth and
operations instead of a deterrent.

With Keystone, we solved not only our IT needs, but we now have a consistant cost that we can budget for. Plus, we can direct our attention now to the needs of the business!

Brian Miller
President and CEO, V&S Galvanizing

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