Our Team

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Our Team

The mission of Keystone Technology Consultants is to provide business technology that helps your company thrive, and the only way we can do that is by hiring team members that can help us in our mission.

We look for two main traits when we hire people: a passion for technology, and a sincere desire to use technology to help our clients work more efficiently and grow their businesses.

The Keystone team consists of dedicated and enthusiastic business technology professionals, including project management, user support, customer service, technical consulting and account management. Many team members hold industry certifications and have solid experience in both new and emerging technologies as well as traditional information technologies, including the software that runs your business and the technology infrastructure that supports it.

We believe that the best way to support your organization with business technology is to make a sincere commitment to our team. We continually invest in staff training and education to help them grow personally and professionally and we have assembled a complete and well-balanced technology team to accomplish our mission of helping your business grow and thrive.


Technical Team