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Picking a Great Bluetooth Headset

There are tons of Bluetooth headsets to choose from when you wander the aisles of a local electronics superstore. And unlike headsets of the past, there are a lot of reliable, great versions in this space.

The most important aspect when selecting from headsets is quite personal really – the look and feel and your preference. Other than that, make sure you learn how to connect and reconnect the headset to your phone – you don’t want to be ‘tethered’ to your Bluetooth so that you cannot answer your phone without it.

To help you cut through the clutter, we’d like to submit two great headsets for your consideration.

jawboneThe Jawbone ERA is small and sleek, but you may find it an uncomfortable fit in your ear. You can get it at Best Buy for $125 or online for $90.

plantronicsMost people find the Plantronics Voyager Pro plus as a great fit, easy-to-use, and crystal clear. The dowside is it is a bit big. You canget the Plantronics at Best Buy for $99 or purchase online for $75.

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