Business Continuity

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Business Continuity

If your business has data, you need a business continuity plan. That’s not an oversimplification, that’s a fact. Data is your business’s most valuable asset.

What is business continuity planning?

Business continuity is the plan a business develops to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable levels following a disruptive incident.* Basically, business continuity is a plan to keep your business in business.

Keystone Technology Consultants believe that business continuity is so important that we created a brand dedicated to providing business continuity planning, disaster recovery and data backup.

Meet SARGE by Keystone – tactical business continuity planning for your Northeast Ohio business.

A catastrophic business disruption can cause company, customer and product data to be lost. SARGE by Keystone can help you come up with a business continuity strategy and put it in place to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible to avoid lost sales, lost revenue, financial losses and potential business closure.

The only way to prevent business disruption is to plan for it.

Unfortunately, many organizations feel that business continuity planning is an unnecessary expense and ignore the possibility that a disaster could happen to them. In reality, business continuity planning is a much less costly alternative to complete business disruption and its loss of revenue and customers. At the extreme, it is certainly less expensive than reputational damage or going out of business.

A solid business continuity plan has marketing value. The fact that your business is prepared for anything and can provide high levels of service no matter what happens is a powerful marketing message.

The best kind of business continuity plan is the one that’s never used. The worst kind? The kind that doesn’t exist.

Learn more about SARGE by Keystone – tactical business continuity.

*Definition provided by the Business Continuity Institute.